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sun and surf

they frequent the beach a lotttt. he catches waves and she catches da sunnnn.


tenten doodle e_e

i smell sex and candy, yeah

au au auuuuuu

design numero dos

battle ready on the left / chinchillin in the castle(?) on the right

wanted to add chainmail but. hm. i like this design. think i’m gonna go with it \o/

edit: name changed to idala

first design concept for a knight

none shall gaze upon her visage

ino week - day four: l o v e
or, home is in your arms

so many ino pairings to choose from but none can compete with the otp

ino week - day three: f r i e n d s h i p
or, you’ve got a friend in me

see, i think familial relationships can go a number of ways but i think the most important thing ppl need to remember is that your family can also be your friends

ino week - day two: t e a m  t e n
or, brothers in arms.. and in everything else

i think team ten are pretty much self explanatory. and if i need to explain then y’all probably ain’t even reading naruto.

notes: asuma’s zippo bc he is forever with them ;3;

ino week - day one: t i m e
or, the gladiolus dance

in which ino is named head of the yamanaka clan soon after the war. it is responsibility she never wanted, power she never intended to have. but ino is a shinobi and whenever the situation calls for it she is not afraid to act as leader; and this situation is no different.

i feel like the yamanaka clan surround themselves with bright colours and are actually all into flowers; something to counter against the unbelievably dark nature of their jutsu.

notes: the gladiolus symbolises strength. also, the reason why they all look so serious is because, this time around, it isn’t a happy occasion.

 щ(゜ロ゜щ) not here suigETSU!!!!!!!!

bc jbadgr understands